Rooster Ink grows farm fresh design ideas daily.
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Corporate Identity

Branding your company is no different than branding your cattle (well... with exception of a hot iron). They both help you stand out from your competition.

Seriously though, a good brand can help your business or organization create an identifiable look that will resinate with your consumer. Building the foundation for your brand begins with logos, business cards, and letterhead. These items will help set the tone and look, as well as express the values and philosophy of your company. Rooster Ink has helped many companies build their brands and would like to help you begin to build yours. Check out some of our branding work below:

Smokin Jac's Logo

Smokin' Jac's Logo:

Logo build and BBQ sauce label for a local rib joint.

KT Crafs Business Cards

KT Crafts Business Cards:

Logo build and Business card development for an online scrapbooking shop. We also designed some matching promotional mailers to drop ship with customer orders.

Two Chicks Cleaning Identity

Two Tidy Chicks Business Cards:

We helped a couple of local girls get their cleaning business up and running with this business card design. Needless to say, Rooster Ink was the natural choice to design the business cards for these "Chicks".

Upper Cervical Institute of Chigaco Logo

Upper Cervical Institute of Chigaco Logo:

Rooster Ink was approached to develop the newly opening Upper Insitute of Chicago's brand and marketing materials. They wanted their brand to reflect quality service and care, as well as, provide a feeling of reassurance for their patients.

Buffalo Rose's Bistro & Pizzeria Business Cards

Buffalo Rose's Bistro & Pizzeria Business Cards:

Who doesn't love Pizza and Buffaloes! Not us, we were excited to help brand this up and coming resataurant. With the development of their logo complete, we then developed their menus and website (you can look at that in the website section... not that you weren't going to look anyways).

Working Person's Store Icon Project

Working Person's Store Icon Project:

This client wanted to create an icon to support their currnent branding and marketing, so we put together some possibilities for them. This was a great project to dig into.

Web Services

Web Services

What do tractors and websites have in common? Nothing, but a good website can help improve your company's visability and increase the value of your brand. See what Rooster Ink can do for you.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Having the proper print materials for the job is essential. Without them it makes growing your business like growing corn without water... almost impossible to do. Rooster Ink will help design the tools you'll need to grow.

All the Extras

All the Extras

Around the farm we have all kinds of odd jobs to do... milk the cows, design billboards, feed the hogs, design trade show graphics... you get the idea. Let Rooster Ink take care of all of that miscellaneous stuff that needs done, were in the business of making your company visible.